This is from our second pack day, after school had started. You’ll see new members here, who will quickly become familiar. At the top we have Fahkir Winterfell (white hair) and Nightfang (guy). Both have since left the pack. Under that we have Mama Constance Arcadia (under the tree) who has since left to form her own pack, Sacred Willow, after serving a term as alpha in Blue Moon. She is like a mother to me and most of our pack and is still very involved with out pack life. Two below that in the coon striped tail is Neko Greenflame, who has also since left the pack. And then farther down we have Kodan in the white shirt, our now second beta. These pictures are nearly two years old, and memories that come with them are great. This was one of our few care free pack days with these members, and I miss these days. 

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